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Pulling Over Lasting Machines

Pulling Over Lasting Machine

Sincorn Series

Model:Sincron ZS/ Sincron TS / LASINCRON3 / LA3IDEAL

Model Series:Sincorn Series

Machine Name:Pulling Over Lasting Machine
Manufaturer:ATOM-MB (Molina & Bianchi)


The well-known SINCRON series consists of pulling over lasting machines which are suitable for any customer need, with precision and ease of use, maintaining the balance between quality, innovation and respect of the tradition.



New generation of computer controlled pulling over lasting machines, equipped with synchronized movements, assisted by electric and pneumatic drives controlled by an industrial computer.



New generation of CNC pulling over lasting machines with programmable electric drives. Created for those who expect high precision and attention to details.


La Sincron3

Evolution of the traditional system of toe lasting. Possibility to set up the machines for Goodyear working.



Machine set up for Ideal working, equipped with a brand new method of automatic left and right.



Innovative working system used on a traditional machine. Suitable for high production, this model is recommended for the lasting of large batches.


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