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Roughing-Cementing & Rough Milling-Pounding Machines​

Roughing-Cementing Machines


Roughing-cementing, rough milling-cementing for the shoe bottom.

Model:CD3 TS2

Model Series:CD Series

Machine Name:Roughing-Cementing Machines
Manufacturer:ATOM-MB (Molina & Bianchi)


Roughing-cementing machine for the shoe bottom. The two operations are carried out simoultaneously thanks to two working heads, operating on two lasts carrier carts.


  • Self-learning

Self-learning of the
shoe profile by pen, and automatic calculation of the inclination of the tools, all conveniently managed by touchscreen.

  • Roughing / Cementing

Speed setting for the rotation of the roughing brush/tool. Roughing brush following the three-dimensional traced path, with the possibility of quick brush change. Internal system for dust collection and motorization updated with software for the encoder reading.

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