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Roughing-Cementing & Rough Milling-Pounding Machines

Pounding-Roughing & Rough Milling-Pounding Machine

CD10 TS2

For the shoe bottom

Model:CD10 TS2

Series:CD Series

Machine Name:Pounding-Roughing & Rough Milling-Pounding Machine
Manufaturer:ATOM-MB (Molina & Bianchi)


The CD series, first series of CNC machines in the shoe making world, today can boast a range of products not commonly seen on the market with its roughing, cementing, rough milling and pounding machines with single or double station, able to carry out the operations simultaneously.

The offer, constantly evolving, is a perfect balance of precision and reliability, respecting the shoe making tradition.


  • In-Line Correction

Possibility to modify the data directly from the touch screen without interrupting the working process in progress.

  • Roughing and Roughing and Cementing

Roughing and cementing operations carried out simultaneously thanks to two working heads.

  • Energy Saving

The STOP&GO function of the oil motor allows better energy saving.

  • Self-learning of the shoe profile

Self-learning of the shoe profile by pen and automatic calculation of the tools inclination, managed by touch screen.

  • Design and Customization

The machines of the CD series feature rounded shapes and an innovative design, created to provide the maximum operating comfort. In addition, the carters are aesthetically customizable.

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