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Automatic Rotary Machines
STAR Series

Automatic Rotary Machine

STAR Series
Star 08 / Star 197 / Star 297

For direct injection on upper of single-and dual-density rubber soles

Model:Star 08 / Star 197 / Star 297

Model Series:Star Series

Machine Name:Automatic Rotary Machines
Manufaturer:MAIN GROUP



  • High reliability and efficiency, in conformity with EEC safety standard.
  • Simple, rapid injection system
  • High yield thanks to rapid injection
  • Computerized identification of each station and relative pre-set moulding parameters
  • Storage of moulding data to ensure a rapid setting and replacement of moulds
  • Moulding parameters: volume, pressure, graded injection and temperature control
  • Selection of mould parameters totally independent in every station
  • PLC for electronic programming in each station
  • Calculation of production and self-diagnostic information constantly displayed during operation of machine
  • Adjustable rotation time
  • The entire hydraulic system guarantees uniform, decisive movements
  • The entire hydraulic system is classified “ES Energy Saving”
  • 3 oil-heated zones per injector in order to ensure an accurate thermal control
  • Regulation of the speed of sole piston upstroke and sole pressure reducer
  • A sliding, movable part of the bottom allows easy insertion of logo on the base of the sole
  • A rapid replacement of moulds is possible thanks to the rapid fastening of the rings and to the liding movable part of the bottom
  • The outside toe-cap and counter are injectable at the same time as the midsole
  • Automatic degassing available
  • The configuration of the outside sole may be either shell-shaped or flat
  • Standard robot interface




Accurate deposit of rubber

Thanks to the “INCOM PROCESS®” system, the rubber is deposited directly on the base of the sole. With 5 different speed/volume steps, a precise distribution of the rubber is obtained with different properties in the variously involved areas.


Excellent control of compression pressure

The ability to produce outside toe-caps and counters proves the excellent control of the compression pressure and the exact positioning of the rubber carried out by the machine.


Notable capacity

Thanks to a large injection volume and to the variable screw loading speed, the rubber is well plasticized. The injectors operate at a lower than maximum capacity, guaranteeing the operation of the machine within its possibilities.


Heavy closing pressure on ring
(mould-holder structure)

The hydraulic closing pressure on the rings allows the use of great quantities of viscous rubber which could be needed to obtain tall, narrow profiles, e.g. for outside toe-caps or counters.


Dimensions of mould-holder

The large dimensions of the mould-holder make it possible to produce large-sized shoes, leaving a good closing surface of the mould around the cavity of the sole and thus guaranteeing improved distribution of heat for the vulcanization.


Short injection sequence

The injection-deposit sequence ensures rapid operation, outstanding yield and the possibility of a quick rotation, with consequent short cycle times.

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