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Fitting - Skiving Machine

Heavy Duty Skiving Machine


Model:CUM 3 SLUB

Machine Name:Heavy Duty Skiving Machine

Manufaturer:FAV (Fratelli Alberti Varese)

The skivers CU M are machines for skiving stiff and heavy materials (leather, rubber, heavy cardboard, and so on) with a motorized upper feed roll and with an automatic feeding of the component to be skived. Usually they are supplied on a metal stand. The reduced rotation speed of the knife allows avoiding the blade overheating and therefore it also allows keeping the cutting edge longer sharp. The heavy duty skivers for leather and very thick inner-counters.

CUM3: on metal stand with two independent motors controlling the feeding and the knife, one independent grindstone motor and with electronically variable speed of the feeding motor.



  • With the function of independent and can be stepless speed regulation of the feeding wheel and the upper feeding roller , with strongly feeding capacity.
  • Equipped with adjustable spray round knife cooling system, it ensures the round knife does not overheat when skiving.
  • Equipped with enlarged waste boxes and cooling liquid boxes, will be environmental protection during production process.
  • There are various types of presser foot and feed wheel for optional, so that can meet any technical requirements of processing.
  • Equipped with round knife forward and reverse function, it can satisfy special processing technology, especially suitable for skiving all kinds of hot melt adhesive material and thicker (including sole).

Technical Data:

  • Power:0.88KW
  • N.W.:90KG
  • Size:107*53*123CM