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Fitting - Skiving Machine

Special Skiving Machine



Machine Name:Special Skiving Machine

Manufaturer:FAV(Fratelli Alberti Varese)


  • Equipped with an adjustable spray-type round knife cooling system to ensure that the round knife does not overheat during the chipping process, plus a proprietary steel feed wheel, which is suitable for chipping a variety of hot melt adhesive materials.
  • The more advanced electronic stepless speed regulation feeding system enables the feeding speed to be set arbitrarily, and the operator can process various shapes of workpieces without experience.
  • Equipped with waste material collection box and coolant collection box to make the production process clean and environmentally friendly.
  • The sharpening system is equipped with a clutch switch, which greatly reduces unnecessary wear of the parts and increases the service life.
  • Various types of presser feet and feeding wheels are available to meet different production process requirements.

Technical Data:

  • N.W.:90KG
  • Size:102*50*130CM