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Die Cutting
MF Series


MF20C / MF9.3 / MF9.4

Model:ATOM MF20C / MF9.3 / MF9.4

Machine Name:MULTIFORCE Light Swing

  • Higher cutting speed with lower energy consumption. (1.2Hp pump motor for 20t and 25t cutting power)
  • The unique Multiforce system, which allows to quickly switch among dies of different sizes without any setting.
  • Automatically adapt the cutting force to any die, no matter the strength of the material, allowing to get a great cost saving in cutting pads (up to 50% less) and production time
  • Reduces the fatigue of operators.


Technical Data:

  • N.W.(with oil):630kg / 880kg / 900kg
  • Max. Cutting Power: 20t / 25t