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Mold-Free Chip


Model Name:Mold-Free Chip


Refined by herbaceous, environmental protection, health, safely without poison. It is natural, which is different from chemistry refined compounds.


Mold-Free Chip works once it’s placed near the object, unnecessary to be placed on or contact the object. No remain on the object’s appearance.


Application: shoes, leather goods, electron, instrument, furniture, garment, house environment and any needs to defend mold application.

Original: Taiwan



  • Outstanding Efficiency:

Ultra particles distributed on object’s surface evenly, suppress mold to grow, and won’t remain on objects.

  • Environmentally Safe:

Ingredients mainly from natural plant refines, nonpoisonous, healthy & environmental security.

  • Simple & Easy to Use:

Sample design, easy to use, reduce cost and save manpower and material resources.  

  • Good Quality:

Compliant with SGS and SATRA regualtion.
Compliant with ECHA SVHC regualtion.


Standard Unit Size: 50x50mm/pc
Working Space per unit: 35x 25x 15cm
(Depends on the size of case and environmental humidity.)