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High Accuracy Leather Scanning Machine

High Accuracy Leather Scanning Machine

MIR 1700B/2

Model No.:RINK MIR 1700B/2

Model Series:MIR 1700 Series

Machine Name:High Accuracy Leather Scanning Machine


The high accuracy leather scanning machine can not only recognize the defects on leather but also can double- inspect the color- shading and strips through the images, which can effectively solve the request of pair auto-nesting and increase the output and efficiency.


Features of Leather Scanning Machine:

  • Quickly distinguish: scars/ defects/ marked defects/ quality areas
  • Automatically generate cutting position, easily for material to match the same position
  • Recognize the barcode automatically generated by the machine, easily for putting materials in storage, digital production and management
  • High scanning accuracy, performs better than camera system
  • Easy operation

Suitable for:

  • Range/ Procedures:
    Suitable for leather digitalization for stock, which can provide clear images of patterns, data of surfaces and quality areas. Factory can easily reach digitalized management and fine production.
  • Suitable for the demand of mass production, the machine can speed up the progress of the recognition on leather, the server automatically computes nesting to implement a mass production.
  • Suitable for various nesting systems.

Technical Parameter:

  • Power : 220V

  • Power consumption (electrice/air/water) : 5KW

Scanning Area:

1700mm x infinite