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Laser Machine - RCLS Series

Laser Machine


Serial No.:RCLS-1610-2H

Name:Laser Machine




  1. Suitable for cutting leather, composed materials, fabric and micro fibers
  2. Korean slide guide, the U.S high-reflected chemical lens, and transport belt from Germany
  3. Two cutting heads/ asynchronous cutting, which can effectively increase output.
  4. Double-negative pressure suction system, the accuracy is 1cm.
  5. Flat table for loading and unloading materials.

Optional Equipment: Loading and unloading systems with various models.

  1. Multiple positioning systems.
  2. Specially equip with sealed KW vacuum to discharge the negative pressure of smokes generated during the process of cutting leather.
  3. Water cooling system makes better cooling effectiveness and better work of laser power.
  4. Adopt self-designed control software
  5. CE Standard


Suitable Materials and Industries


Material:leather, shoe material, wide materials

Industry:garment, footwear