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Knife Cutting Machine-Twins Series

Knife Cutting Machine

FlashCut 3026

Model:FlashCut 3026

Series:FlashCut Twins



Ideal for cutting material of significant sizes.


Available in a wide range of configurations, with static or conveyorized cutting surface, the twins cutting tables perfectly match with the most variable production needs.


Cutting Heads
Two Choices of cutting heads:

Twins Modular Head

The modular cutting head is capable to process material up to 50mm in thickness, with two main tools and some other optional devices, such as inkjet printer and camera to automatically acquire the shape reference points.

Twins EMH head

The EMH head allows to sequentially or separately use the cutting knife and the router. It is the best solution to combine the process of foam or rigid materials as well as to process a great number of other materials with a single tool.


Technical Data:
There are B, B2 and B3 models for Flex Series, please refer to the technical data for the details.