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Knife Cutting Machine - Flex Series​

Knife Cutting Machine

FlashCut 6115

Model:FlashCut 6115

Series:FlashCut Flex



The maximum useful area of this range. Ideal solution for double cutting heads.


The Flex series offers models with static or conveyorized belt feed cutting surface. In case of belt feed, the material feeding is made through the belt moving and the pincers fixed on the gantry: this grants maximum feeding accuracy both with hard materials and textile, in single or multiple layers.


The Flex series offers different version of cutting head:

-Standard 5-tool head

-The HD head: designed to cut foam and corrugated or honeycomb cardboard; they are able to cut materials up to 130mm in thickness, and combine cutting, creasing and 45° angle cutting.

-The EMHD head: designed to combine cutting and milling operations on materials up to 100mm in thickness. 


The Flex models can be combined with a wide range of options: in-line and off-line acquisition systems, feeding systems, spreaders and integrated or stand alone loading and off-loading tables.


Technical Data:
There are B, B2 and B3 models for Flex Series, please refer to the technical data for the details.