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Knife Cutting Machine - Flex Series

Knife Cutting Machine

FlashCut 3026

Model:FlashCut 3026

Series:FlashCut Flex



The ultimate solution to cut leather and fabric, especially for automotive and furniture industries


From the leather inspection to the collection of the cut pieces with the minimum operator’s intervention. This solution joins three operations in a single machinery to enhance the production efficiency, reduce the material waste, optimize and constantly monitor the production process.


Scanning with linear camera and optimized nesting systems

In-line or off-line pre-marked hides acquisition with quality areas detection. Possibility to easily and rapidly modify the quality areas automatically acquired.


Cutting – Cutting with one or two independent cutting heads for full hides, synthetic materials, sheet and mattress.



Easy collecting of cut pieces thanks to the double unloading belt movement, automatic and manual, which makes hide and cut pieces move towards the operator’s workplace.


Technical Data:
There are B, B2 and B3 models for Flex Series, please refer to the technical data for the details.