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Knife Cutting Machine - Fashion Series​

FlashCut 31B All-in-one

Model:FlashCut 31B All-in-one

Series:FlashCut Fashion



Fashion All-in-one combines processes of acquistion, automatic nesting and cutting in a single machine. Operating in continuous workflow, it both reduces cycle time and allows a single operator to execute all the production steps. To satisfy any cutting need, all Fashion series are with two independent 5 or 7-tool cutting heads, which can be equipped with a wide range of cutting chucks, making pend and 2-4 punching tools, adjustable and rotating, with high punching frequency. The powerful vacuum system can be fitted for cutting scraps suction. Made to process both half-hides and full-hides. It is widely used in many industries such as footwear, leather goods, furniture and automotive.


Sequential Acquisition

  • Sequential steps acquisition system allows the acquisition of hides bigger than the acquisition area, but above all, processing hides step-by-step, it eases hides inspection, by approaching the area to be inspected to the operator. Moreover, it optimises the processing time, allowing to nest the shapes over the parts already examined.


Flash Tracer Optical Pen

  • It allows to easily mark defects and quality areas of the hides, and to display them both on the screen and directly on the hide, each one with a proper colour. Moreover, flash tracer operates as a mouse, able to launch nesting and cutting operations and to modify parameters directly on the working area.


Partitioned Vacuum System

  • Powerful, partitioned adjustable vaccum system to be adapted to any tape of material or job and concentrated where needed. It allows the best fixing during cutting and the highest energy saving at same time.


Optimized Nesting

  • Customized systems for automatic nesting and friendly interface dramatically reduce the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed and optimize the material yieids.


Wide Working Area

  • Wide acquisition, nesting and cutting surface and conveyorized transportation system allow to process and cut from the biggest full-hides to the smallest ones acquired simultaneously along the entire width of the table.


Technical Data:

  • Working Area:3120 x infinite
  • Max Movement Speed:80m/min
  • N.W.:4450kgs