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Knife Cutting Machine - Easy Series

Knife Cutting Machine

FlashCut 222

Model:FlashCut 222

Series:FlashCut Easy


  • The machine is compact, ideal for sample room, such as gasket cutting…
  • Fast cutting and punching with high speed vibration, no need of cutting dies.
  • Matching ergonomics, spending low costs to implement no-cutting-dies cutting in sample room and cutting center
  • Special suction device to ensure the flatness of material and keep the cutting size.
  • Manual and auto nesting can effectively save material.
  • Fast response to reduce costs.
  • Standardized cutting to effectively increase the cutting quality.
  • Suitable for leather, synthetic materials, mesh, textile, rubber, insole, cardboard,

Technical Data:

  • Working area:1200 x 1000mm
  • Speed:80m/min
  • Net weight:500kgs