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Flatbed Cutting Plotter - FCX4000 Series

Flatbed Cutting Plotter​

FCX4000 Series

Model:GRAPHTEC FCX4000-50ES / FCX4000-60ES




  • There are two of the table size and the with one media hold-down method, it is suitable for many applications.

-FCX4000-50ES, Electrostatic

-FCX4000-60ES, Electrostatic

  • Added offline (USB) operation enables users of all skill levels to easily process materials
  • Improved application Software (ARMS) – other advanced features is available via plug-ins and optional software for work efficiency.


Technical Data:

  • Effective Cutting Area:

-50ES: 660mm×488mm (A3 x 2)

-60ES: 976mm×660mm (A3 x 4)

  • Max. Cutting Force:0.6kg
  • Max. Cutting Speed:750mm/s
  • Weight:

-50ES:29 kgs

-60ES:38kgs (55kgs, stand included)

  • External dimensions [W x D x H] (Approx.):

-50ES:1089 x 897 x 204mm

-60ES:1405 x 1069 x 204mm(1405 x 1097 x 896mm, stand included) 



This FCX4000 Series is to replace FC4200-50,FC4550-50,FC4200-60, FC4210-60 and FC4510-60 which were discontinued.