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Shoe design, Production and Costs Control Solution

Shoe design, Production and Costs Control Solution


For Orthopaedic Shoe Makers


For Orthopaedic Shoe Makers
Manufacturer:ATOM -Shoemaster


For Orthopaedic Shoe Makers


The Custom Orthopedic system can provide you with a complete solution for the production of Orthopedic footwear and covers everything from foot-scanning, through style and pattern engineering and up to direct cutting.


  • E-Last – Last Input Module

To convert imported last-data into the Shoemaster E-Last format.

  • Custom 3D Last Modifiction Module

A real-time last adjusting tool to modify the shape and dimensions of a last to the requirements of an individual patient.

  • Interface 2D CAM Module

Optimal control software for cutter/plotters.

  • BOM – Bill of Material Module

To simply create a shoe specification

  • Power 3D CAM Module

3D/2D technical shoe styling system, consistently provides better fitting uppers. Full patterns engineering functions allow the creation of new pattern or the adaptation of existing patterns with additional functions to quickly transfer fully engineered patterns between different last shapes.