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We Work For The Future Then Provide Factory Of The Future


RINK International Co., Ltd. was established in Aug, 1989, which has more than 30 years of experiences in footwear industry. From the first stage, we had only 3 employees, and now we have 50 partners located in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. We are dedicated to provide to customer with the most advanced products, technologies and knowledge in the industries based on the profession, enthusiasm and devotion, just like our vision:


We Work For The Future”


At the building stage, RINK was working mostly by Rink System, which aimed to promote products and ideas to the footwear industry. This was where the name “RINK” came from. Expanding from the projects in footwear industry, such as LEAN Production, NOS, TPS, all come from small-group production, RINK promotes the projects of “Just In Time”, “Rink System”, “ERP”, “LEAN” to customers, which aims to match the needs of customers’ current production developments.


Staring from the major business, footwear industry, RINK has provided CAD/CAM, shoe-making machineries and materials for design, developing, costing, production, and storage. Our goals are to offer customer the thorough solutions in various categories. No matter for mass production, small quantities but various styles, or sampling production, RINK’s products can help you to improve the quality of products, reduce the production costs, evaluate the output of devices, setting new models of production technology, and build better company reputations.


In order to help customers in different industries solving their production problems, RINK will also commit to develop different new technologies and automation devices. Besides of providing great devices, we will keep looking for methods to cut down costs to reduce the burdens of investments on devices and personnel management. All these services will be expanded to industries such as automobile, furniture, leather goods, gasket and composed materials.


We are also working hard and keep learning on management, from Strategic Planning, BSC, MBO,     OGSM, “Ali Three-Axe” to the profession of service “Rink Way Project (RWP)”, which are made for the internal management of company.


RINK has officially passed ISO9001:2015 on Jan, 2020 and started a new CIS. We believe that we passed the certificate was based on our core values: Idea, Value, Service, Technology, Cooperation-competition. We have a strong commitment to implement these core values and keep moving forward, to provide trust-worthy, high quality products and excellent services for our honorable customers.



We collect and analyze different issues through the development, sale, repair and maintenance details in our service system to meet the requirements for the industrial development. Our goal is to help the customer find best solutions.


"We Work For The Future Then Provide Factory Of The Future"

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Reaching good quality and implementing promises to customers are RINK’s duties. We will keep improving with more stable steps and become more innovative in the future to keep serving customers and giving feedback to the society through being qualified by ISO 9001:2015.